Well done to all our young Rockiteers who, after only 6 weeks, got on stage and performed for the delight of over 100 people at our first event of the new year. We went from rocked up electronica, through to modern indie and classic rock, all the way to thrash metal. All of it performed brilliantly.

Many thanks to all the Music Leaders and volunteers who worked together to help our new participants, and friends and family who supported the night. Everyone proved, once again, that music can inspire and bring people together in a wonderful way.

First band on brings a lot of pressure. They stormed it of course!



Our youngest Rockiteers proved that age is just a number:

Special mention to a certain bassist who performed with a broken collar bone!

Our fourth band brought us to life:

Purple Chains performed like seasoned professionals:


The final performers, Native Wasteland and Dante, featured Rock It! Music Leaders and volunteers and showed all our participants just what can be achieved!