The Sound of Music

August 29, 2016 2
The Sound of Music

Our 2016 recordings are here! All tracks were recorded with the ever successful producer/mixer Neil Treppas at Redbridge Recording Studios, who is currently celebrating his first track hitting the UK Top 3 and European Top 2!

Each track ou acheter du viagra en belgique represents 12 months of hard work from our Rockiteers, many of whom had never played cialis original 20mg instruments, worked in a band or composed music before, so please give a listen and let us know what you think.

Original tracks are on Soundcloud and can be listened to here:

Aurora Avenue – Finally Gone

Dante – Twelve Gauge Fist

Native Wasteland – Hanging On to You

Sprite Incident – Without You

Look out for an official Itunes release through Redbridge Recording Studios of not only our 2016 tracks, but also our 2015 tracks to be announced soon…


  1. peta dunia satelit December 3, 2016 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    how do we get a copy of last years recording?

    Thanks – Emily’s mum

    • peta dunia satelit December 5, 2016 at 10:52 am - Reply

      Hi Joanne,

      We are making the tracks downloadable from Soundcloud for a couple of weeks so when you back on the soundcloud link you will be able to download.
      The tracks are also being released on Itunes as a double EP in the near future where a small donation will enable others to buy.

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