Rock It! is proud to be supported by:

BBC Children In Need

BBC Children In Need have provided funding to cover core project costs from 2017-18. Valuing inclusivity and access to opportunity for all, Children In Need support our work on tackling disadvantage in music education and the wider community.


Producer Neil Treppas

Neil Treppas is a highly experienced professional music producer/mixer/engineer and composer who recently produced his first European Number One track “Jena Na” by (X Factor Semi-finalist) Ardit Cuni and Vesa Smolica (The Voice Series 3) which stayed on the top spot for a record-breaking 6 weeks. Even with this success and a packed schedule, Neil supports Rock It! by providing recording sessions at community rates to help his local community.


Taurus Cranes

Taurus Cranes have provided sponsorship to enable us to deliver our annual community music festival each year. Their contribution to us ensures we can deliver an open family event bringing the communities of Bolton together and giving a platform for youth bands from across Greater Manchester to perform to a new audience. Website:

Bolton CVS

Bolton CVS provide us with a network of volunteer and community project support across Bolton. They are key to ensuring organisations work with each other to benefit more of those in need and help to sustain community activity in the town. This year, we have also been successful in acquiring small grant funding to ensure our programme can keep meeting the needs of young people and their families.


Redbridge Rehearsal Studios

Redbridge Rehearsal Studios contribute to our work by providing session rehearsal rooms at running costs only. This generous support in kind means we can keep our fees down and concentrate our funding on providing better chances for the future for the young people of Greater Manchester. Redbridge also help our progressing young bands by providing a professional rehearsal environment once they have left the programme.