How old do I have to be to join Rock It!?

We take on new participants aged 11-18 years

How do I join?

We take on new participants in May each year but run an ongoing waiting list. You can can use our application form on the “Contact/Apply” page to apply or be added to the waiting list. 

How long and when does the project run?

Sessions take place on Saturdays from 10am to 12.30pm during term time and we ask that participants attend the majority of these during the year. We also run training and Arts Award sessions on some Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Our outdoor festival date changes each year, but is usually late July or early August.

Where do sessions take place?

Rehearsal sessions take place at Redbridge Studios, Unit 2 Redbridge Industrial Estate, Bolton BL2 5PH,

I’m not from Bolton, can I still join?

Yes, we take on anyone from the Greater Manchester area.



I’m already in a band – can we join together?

Rock It! does not usually take on fully formed bands. We tend to take on individuals and then place them into new groups. You can still put your names down as a band, and you may get a place together if we have room.

Me and my friend want to join, but don’t want to be separated. Can you keep us together?

We will try to keep close friends together if you have requested this on registration. However, the range of people we have applying can be very diverse, and managing to place them into groups can be very complex so this cannot always be guaranteed. There are still lots of opportunities on the project to work with your friend such as during training, Arts Award sessions and events 

I can’t play an instrument yet / I’ve only just started learning an instrument – can I still join?

Yes, we take on beginners and do not base our choices on who is the most experienced musician. We are more interested in finding out about your passion for music and motivation. The only restriction we have is that we are limited to the number of absolute beginner musicians we can take on each year, due to the intensive nature of the project .

I do not own an instrument/the instrument I want to play. Is this a problem?

No! Rock It! can provide instruments such as guitar and bass guitar for home use temporarily until an instrument can be purchased. Rock It! also provides advice and help for families looking to buy instruments on a tight budget. We cannot provide amps or expensive items such as drumkits for home use, although these are always provided at project rehearsal sessions.

I’m not sure how I’m going to get to rehearsal sessions and other events. Is there any help available for this?

Yes. Please make sure you let us know when registering as Rock It! can help by organising car pools or reimbursing public transport costs. We will always make sure you are able to get home after rehearsal sessions and other events.

What happens if I am experiencing problems on the project?

If you are unhappy at any point, we want you to tell us. Much of our project is about making sure everyone is happy to be involved, and everyone is listened to.  In the first instance, you can speak to your assigned music leader. If you do not wish to do so, or are unhappy with the outcome, you can speak to the project co-ordinator, Mindee Hutchinson on 07967 002573. If you do not wish to speak to an adult staff member at first, or if you just want a chat, you can contact the project peer mentor whose details will be made available when you join.


How much does the project cost?

Rock It! charges £8 per rehearsal session. We do not charge for additional training or arts award sessions, recording sessions, or the outdoor festival. Audiences are usually charged £3 per person to attend indoor performances.

The average cost is as follows (please note these are subject to change dependent on dates each year):

Term 1 May to July – 12 sessions, £96

Term 2 September to December – 10 sessions, £80

Term 3 January to March – 8 sessions, £64

Participant fees help to cover a small proportion of the total project costs and we are able to keep costs low due to the way we are funded as a youth-led community organisation. If you are worried about being able to afford our fees, please get in touch by emailing

I want to make sure my child is ok / I have experience as a musician myself. Can I come into rehearsal sessions?

We ask that parents do not come into rehearsal sessions to allow young people to learn and develop independently with their peers. All our music leaders are D&B checked and we hold termly parent days where you can visit a rehearsal session and discuss your child’s progress with the music leaders. If you wish to volunteer as an adult music leader, there is an application process and you will have to undergo an enhanced D&B check. Spaces for this are limited.

My child has a physical disability/learning disability/medical condition/mental health issue which will require additional support. Can you provide this?

Yes, we are experienced in providing support for young people with additional needs and provide full support plans for young people where necessary. We ask that parents and/or young people disclose this information on registration. The information will be treated as confidential, but is essential in order for us to be able to discuss any support needs with you. We will endeavour to ensure that all young people interested in taking part are able to do so.

What happens if my child is experiencing problems on the project?

Much of Rock It! is about young people learning to work together and gaining the confidence to speak their mind. If you or your child are experiencing any problems, we urge you to speak to a member of staff so that we can sort it out. In the first instance, you can speak to your assigned music leader. If you do not wish to do so, or are unhappy with the outcome, you can speak to the project co-ordinator, Mindee Hutchinson on 07967 002573. We also have trained safeguarding officers to which any safeguarding matters can be referred to.

I have skills which I think could help Rock It! as an organisation. How do I get involved?

 One of the strengths of Rock It! is our involvement with parents who make up key members of our organisation’s management board and volunteers. We hold regular open membership meetings where you can find out what we are doing behind the scenes, and get involved in events management, fundraising, training, marketing and much more. You can also apply to become a management board member at our annual AGM each April. All this is also open to your child whose opinion can help to shape our organisation and project for the future.